MTN Unlimited Internet from Fresh Teacher

Hello there, this is Fresh Teacher from Uganda. This article was written to explain those who sent me WhatsApp messages inquiring about how to set up the HA Tunnel App which enables one to get Free Unlimited Internet Access on MTN. 

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First and foremost, you need to install the HA Tunnel App from Google Playstore. I sent you a link in your WhatsApp inbox as illustrated in the screenshot below. Please click on that link and it will redirect you to the app on Google Playstore.

The second step is to download the config file which will enable the HA Tunnel App to connect to the Free Unlimited Internet successfully. I have sent you a free Daily Config File named Daily Unlimited Internet.hat
This daily config file will give you internet access for one day and will expire the following day. Once it expires, you can request for a monthly config file which will expire after 30 days!

Simply download the BIN Config File from your WhatsApp. Please DON'T open this file because it is not a document. If you try opening it, you will receive an error message that either your phone doesn't have a proper app for viewing that content or that your phone can't open such a file as shown in the screenshots below.

After downloading the config file sent to you via WhatsApp, the final step is to import that file into the HA Tunnel App in order to get the Free Unlimited Internet Access. Attached below are the screenshots to guide you through the whole importation process.
  1. After opening the HA Tunnel App, click on the three vertical dots on the top-most right hand side of your phone screen.

  2. After clicking on those three dots mentioned above, choose Import/Export from the drop down menu which will be presented to you.

3. On the next drop down menu, choose the Import Config option.

4. The app may ask you to give it permission to access your phone files. Please click on the word Allow.

 5. Once allowed to access your phone files, you'll see a list of folders in your phone. Please scroll through the Phone Folders and choose the WhatsApp folder.

6. After selecting the WhatsApp folder, choose the Media folder.

 7. Having selected the Media folder, tap on the WhatsApp Documents folder.

 8. On opening the WhatsApp Documents folder, you will find the config file which was sent to you via WhatsApp. Please make sure that you downloaded the file from your WhatsApp inbox or else you won't find it here. Click on the current config file in order to import it into the HA Tunnel App.

9. When you click on the config file, you'll receive a notification from the HA Tunnel App that it's imported successfully! 

 10. After importing the config file into the HA Tunnel App, all you need to do is to press on the word START. On starting, the app will wish you a Happy Surfing :) message. The moment you receive that message, just close the app, and enjoy the Free Unlimited Internet! 😁