Musaazi was born in 1902, to a Gombolola chief in Bulemeezi,

He had his education mainly in mission schools up to St. Augustine's School - Canterbury England.

He became a teacher and taught at Kings' College Buddo. He rose to become an Inspector of schools from 1935 to 1936.

He founded the Peasant Farmers' Voluntary Organization and later became the President of the Federation of African Farmers.

On 2nd March 1952, he founded the Uganda National Congress (UNC) from the Federation of African Farmers Association, which had been outlawed for organizing riots in Buganda. The UNC became the first major political party in Uganda.

At the helm' of UNC, Musaazi enabled the party to become a wider political organisation, cutting across tribal, regional and religious divides. This enabled the party to get support from all corners of Uganda.

The party spearheaded the campaign for self - rule in Uganda. It was the first political party to be formed with a national outlook.

It attacked European rule and exploitation, demanded greater representation on the Legco and opposed the federation of East Africa.

It organized demonstrations and strikes throughout Uganda that were intended to bring self -rule as soon as possible. The colonial government was forced to think about the independence of Uganda as something serious.

It organized the boycott of non - African shops and condemned the deportation of the Kabaka to England.

In 1959 UNC was split into two wings. One was opposed to Buganda's separatist demands and led by Obote and another by Jolly Joe Kiwanuka. By this time, Musaazi had been exiled to London.

The Uganda National Congress was however predominantly Protestant and full of Old Boys of King's College Buddo initially, UNC was opposed by the Baganda for its views of having a united Uganda and only managed to win back their hearts when it strongly condemned the deportation of the Kabaka.

Musaazi who is regarded as the father of Uganda's nationalism is buried at the Heroes' corner at Kololo.