The Kenya African National Union (KANU) was formed in March 1960 by mainly African leaders in the Legco.

James Gichuru was its Chairman / President, Oginga Odinga the Vice and Tom Mboya the General


The party largely drew its support from the Kikuyu and Luo tribes

It strongly campaigned for a strong central unitary government as opposed to KADU's federal system. It won with a landslide the 1960 elections but refused to form a government until Kenyatta was


Therefore the party pressurized for Kenyatta's release.

The party sensitized the Kenyans about the need for independence and became their mouthpiece.

It organized boycotts, riots and demonstrations that helped to speed up the independence of Kenya,

It weakened tribal interests by being a mass political party, although some people accused it or having only the Kikuyu and Luo in its ranks. .

It established ties with other political parties that were also fighting for independence like TANU in

Tanganyika and CPP in Ghana. ,.

It condemned land grabbing and the disrespect for African cultures. It believed that with land it would be easy to demand for independence.

10 the May 1963 elections KANU woo 83 seats against KADU’s 41.

On 12th December 1963 it successfully attained total independence for Kenya with Kenyatta as the


The party therefore provided the first leaders of Kenya and formed the first government in Kenya.