Reasons for early Independence in Tanganyika

1.The formation of political clubs/ associations such as Tanganyika African 

   Association (TAA), Tanganyika African National Union ( TANU).

2.The spirit of unity that came as a result of the existence of an all embracing Political party- TANU.

3.The personality of the colonial governors favored Tanzania’s early independence. Governor Richard Turnbull for example encouraged preparations for Tanzania’s Independence.

4.The United Nations, supervised preparations for independence in Tanganyika through its Trusteeship Council.

5.Racial or tribal differences were greatly limited in Tanganyika unlike in both Uganda and Kenya. This gave Tanganyikans a united stand in the call for independence.

6.Political activities were not much restricted by the authority in Tanganyika as was in Kenya and Uganda. Party activities for instance would be left free.

7.Tanganyika’s adoption of Kiswahili as a common language promoted unity in the call for independence.

8.The able leadership of men like Julius Nyerere who mobilised all Tanganyika’s without discriminating based on race.