Roles Played by Chief Mirambo in the Develipment of the Long Distance Trade

I. He provided security for the Arab - Swahili caravans which crossed his empire and even his soldiers escorted these caravans to the coast.

2. He acted as a commercial leader of the long distance trade among the Nyamwezi, he therefore coordinated the trade activities among the Nyamwezi.

3. He regulated trade and traders by charging them taxes or tributes in his empire which was need to expand his empire.

4. He made many commercial agreements with external traders such as Arabs at Tabora, Msiri of Katanga, Sultan Bargash of Zanzibar as well as Tipu Tipu of eastern Congo and such treaties improved the volume of the LTD.

5. He zealously fought the Ngoni in the north of his empire who were trying to disrupt the LDT.

6. Mirambo and his guarded and maintained the central trade route since it passed through his empire.

7. He supplied the Arabs with trade items they needed e.g. slaves, ivory and food.

8. He-welcomed his empire; this made his empire the centre of LDT in the interior.

9. He and his people offered market for Arabs goods like guns, gun powder, mirrors, daggers, clothes etc.

10. Mirambo supplied porters to assist carry gold and copper from the interior to the coast; he therefore offered transport to the long distance traders in the interior.

11. He attracted traders to many parts of his empire like the traders who came to Ugowe, Urambo, Uliankuru etc and this expanded the long distance trade.

12. Mirarnbo carried out raids using his army the Ruga Ruga for slaves, food, ivory and other items which were needed by the long distance traders. He raided Societies like Kanongo, Pimbwe among others.

13. He provided a peaceful atmosphere for the long distance traders who passed through his empire by giving them food, accommodation and escorts.