They contributed to the achievement of independence in their respective countries.

Through boycotts, demonstrations and riots, they demand for an immediate advance towards self - rule.

They fostered unity and brought different peoples and tribes together. They fought for freedom in their various countries.

They contributed to the freeing of political prisoners like Jomo Kenyatta by KANU.

They enlightened (educated) the masses about their rights in their respective countries. They led to the recognition of their countries nationally and internationally.

They advocated for the equality of all races and the establishment of multi racial governments.

They acted as platforms for explaining the colonial ills to the people especially in local languages that were understood by the majority.

They contributed to the development of infrastructure like roads, schools, hospitals, railways and ports.

As a result of their pressure, Africans were able to get white color jobs.

They contributed to the development of agriculture like the establishment of Busitema Agricultural

College and Kibimba rice scheme in Uganda.

They contributed to the attainment of republican status by the East African states for example Uganda in 1963 and Kenya in 1965.

They led to the establishment of adult universal suffrage in East Africa.