Abushiri revolt was the earliest resistance against the German rule in Tanganyika. It comprised of three attempts, one led by Bushfire in the Northern coastal areas in and around the port Pangani, another in the more southerly parts of Dar-es-salaams, Kilwa and Lindi and a third one in Uzingua under Bwana Heri, an African leader of Swahili origin. It took place at the coast of Tanganyika.

Reasons for the outbreak of Abushiri Resistance.

1. The Swahili wanted to regain their economic power which they had lost to the Germans at the coast for example slave trade. This became a cause for the revolt because the Germans had stopped slave trade at the coast which so much annoyed the Swahili people since it was a major source of income

2. The coastal people revolted against the Germans because of loss of property in un clear circumstances. The GEACO led by Germans had put up measures and restrictions on the ownership of property, so the coastal people lost their property under the arrangement for example houses were turned into German residences (between 1887-1888) owners of property and land had to register within a month and if un registered, they would be treated as a public property. Such exploitative policies led to the revolt.

3. The Germans didn’t respect the traditional life and culture of Africans i.e. they wanted Africans to behave like the Germans for example in dressing, eating, and greeting. This did not please the coastal people hence the revolt.

4. The costal people wanted to preserve their independence, driven by nationalism, the coastal people hated foreign rule and therefore rose up against the Germans.

5. Germans action of not respecting the coastal people for instance they drunk alcohol and slept with people's wives. This also led to the revolt.

6. Germans action of violating the norms of Islam for example they had a habit of entering mosques with their dogs this led to the revolt because they practiced this on the land that was dominated by the Swahili people who were staunch Moslems.

7. Heavy taxes were charged from Africans by the Germans e.g. hut tax and poll tax and since Africans were not used and the fact that Africans were poor; they could with stand hence the outbreak of the Abushiri revolt.

8. Germans imposed forced cash crop growing on the people of Tanganyika.

and the people at the coast .growing of coffee, cotton led to neglect of food crops which resulted into famine hence caused the outbreak of Abushiri revolt.

9. Forced labor where by A fricans were forced to work on the German farms. This annoyed the Africans since they could no longer attend to their own farms.

10. German administration was so oppressive, all the big posts were occupied by Germans and Africans were left to work as cleaners, night watchmen, messengers, guards among others and this also forced the coastal people to fight in theAbushiri revolt.

11. The leadership provided by Abushiri Bin Salim and BwanaHen also inspired Africans to revolt.

12. The German dismissal of the Akidas and Jurnbes also annoyed the Swahili people. They had used their offices to spread the Islamic faith, principles and practices so with their dismissal, this retarded the spread of Islam which annoyed the Swahili since they had come to spread Islam hence Abushiri revolt.