Causes of the Nandi Resistence

i) The Nandi were resisting the British confiscation of their livestock and the desire to defend their culture by fighting western civilisation

ii) Because of their tradition of resisting any intruder in their land having fought the Arab and Swahili traders since 1850.

iii) The Nandi were united under their able leaders, especially Koitalel Arab Samoei who gave them a lot of inspiration

iv) The Nandi were determined to stop the British from constructing the Kenya - Uganda Railway through their lan

v) They were motivated by kimnyole's prophecy that the Nandi would be dominated by foreigners therfore calling upon them to resist the foreigners 'long snake smoking fire'

vi) Motivated by their superiority, the Nandi were determined to safeguard their pride and superiority

vii) The Nandi were determined to defend and safeguard their freedom and independence.

viii) The Nandi's military was well-trained through raiding and therefore felt that they were militarily equal if not superior to the British.

ix) The Nandi hated/ disliked the pink complexion of the white man and his dressing behaviour which was evil and strange to them