Challenges faced while establishing mission statiins

1. Tropical diseases such as malaria killed many missionaries. This saw many others scared of coming down to Africa and thus greatly slowed down the establishment of mission stations.

2. Many were attacked by wild animals as they navigated the interior.

3. They also faced resistance from the locals. They were viewed with suspision especially when they tried taking African land to establish stations.

4. They faced opposition from African leaders such as chief Lobengula. This greatly affected their work as some were killed by these leaders.

5. They faced a lack of supplies. They were far from home and thus could not easily access supplies such as medicines to replenish their depleting stock.

6. The harsh African climate also greatly hindered their movement. This resulted in large parts of Africa remaining unreached ie missionaries were clustered in specific places.

7. Limited manpower. Most mission societies sent only a handful of missionaries to specific parts of Africa. This made establishment and running of stations difficult.