None of the three groups were pleased with the outcome of the paper

The Asians failed to win equality with the whites,they were denied the right to occupy the Kenyan highlands

They were given a few representative on the legislative coumcil and had to use different role Since inequality persisted the paper was great disappointment to the Asian community

The white settlers lost their dream of ever controlling Kenya as a racist colony,they had been warned against further advances towards self rule Kenya was still under the co!onial government in London. They had to shelve the idea. For at least some time.

The paper confirmed Kenya as a settler colony this increased the number of the Europeans coming in .it also recognized the contribution !made by the settler community towards the economic development of Kenya

It served as a warning towards to settlers and the Indians that their struggle to colonize Kenya would not be acceptable.Kenya was for the Kenyans and their interests were to be given priority

The settlers after being frustrated politically resorted to controlling the finance,agriculture and the industrial sectors.

The Africans and the Asians were denied settlement in the Kenyan highlands the paper had exclusively reserved them for the whites

The giving of the highlands to the whites stimulated plantation farming and subsequently the growth of cash crop economy

The paper clarified that neither the settlers nor the Asians would gain monopoly in the administration of Kenya whatsoever

The free immigration policy resulted in many Indians coming into Kenya these became the !major for in Kenya's economy.

The paper failed to address the land and labour problems,Africans were to continue providing labour on settlers farms something they strongly hated and had hoped the paper would address.

Due to increased pressure and influx of immigrants the east African high commission was established to promote cooperation between the Africans ,Asians and settlers

Asians continued to voice their dissatisfaction against the white settlers, they were not happy with the inequality that the paper had failed to address.they for example refused to pay a different tax from what the settlers were paying.

The paper laid the foundation for future independence struggle of Kenya,armed groups like the mua mau  were formed by the Africans to fight for their lost lands and independence until it was achieved in 1963.

The paper fostered unity among Africans and Asians as it affected them equally the paper had favoured the white settlers against them

The paper exposed the intentions of the white settlers in Kenya they were after taking over the country full stop.

The colonial government started training and educating Africans a measure that was intended to prepare them for the future responsibilities and independence

Africans started sharing in the running of their country through the native councils and in 1931 they were allowed to send representatives to the legislative council