Effects of Maasai collaboration with the British

1. The Maasai freedom to conduct various social ceremonies was limited by the British

2. The British were able to build the railway through Maasai land without hindrance

3. The British assisted lenana to defeat Sendeyo and so he successfully asserted his claim to the Laibonship

4. Lenana's collaboration created division in the community especially after he was appointed as paramount chief without consulting the community as a whole

5. The Maasai morans assisted the British as auxiliaries and mercenaries against resisting communities e.g Luo

6. Lenana and his people were rewarded with livestock for their assistance

7. The Maasai lost their independence albeit without bloodshed, hence their community was preserved intact

8. The Maasai lost prime lands to the European settlers through the Maasai agreements of 1904 and 1911

9. The reduction of herds socially affected the Maasai e.g. there were fewer individuals with large herds of cattle

10. They could not carry out cattle rustling activities against their neighbours

11. They were forced to settle down within the confines of specific nomadic lifestyles was disgruntled