Effects of white settlers in Kenya

They introduced plantation agriculture in Kenya and the crops introduced were tea coffee pyrethrum wheat and maize.
The growing of cash crops waa followed by the use of modern  and scientific methods of farming like the use of fertilizers and establishment of large fenced farms
Settlers farming stimulated the development of communication networks for example roads were constructed and railway lines extended to farms hence easing transport
With the extension of the Uganda railway the colonial government was able to raise funds for the administration of Kenya and also able to regain the funds lost on its construction this was eased by cash crop growing
There was improvement in the provision of social services revenue from the sales of cash crops was used to put up social infrastructure like roads school hospitals
Because of increased business activities modern towns and trading centers like Nairobi developed
The introduction of plantation agriculture enab!ed the kanyans to shift from substance farming to large scale farming which brought money and improved their standards of living
With increased agriculture small scale industrialization took place for example in 1909 UNGA limited established thus stimulating economic development
The settler introduced companies like the Kenya cooperative creameries with time more and more industries were established thus stimulating economic development
They introduced the reading of exotic animals in Kenya is sheep cattle and pigs were Imported onto Kenya from news Zealand and Britain by lord delamere for example the bacon industry developed due to rearing pigs
The more plantation farms were established creating more employment opportunities for Africans this greatly improved their standard of living as they were able to earn money and enjoy goods from outside
A lot of land that previously was idle was put to use by the settlers who established large farms where cash crops were grown. This contributed to the growth of Kenya's economy
Many Africans became rich because of providing labour on settlers farms although the working conditions were harsh
Some Africans after the world war I started growing cash crops on their own
The income from agriculture was used to finance and strengthen colonial administration in Kenya
Africans were now able to meet their obligations for example tax payments since they were earning
Settlers introduced the legislative council in 1906 and started feeling numerically and racial superior to the Africans and the Asians they therefore advocated for segregation in school
The growing of cash crops disrupted the traditional African patterns of farming since Africans also were engaged in cash crop growing
Due to the settlers demands hut tax was introduced in 1902 to force Africans into working for the whites
Because plantation farming was in the hands of the whites this put the economy of Kenya in the hands of the whites
Africans lost much of their land to the settlers is the kamba and the Masai were displaced for plantation farming
The mobility of Africans was restricted by the whites since they introduced kipande which could identity the farm one worked for