Importance of the Harambee philosophy

i) Communities have been able to acquire physical facilities for the early childhood development programmes.

ii) Feeding programmes have been initiated/ maintained thus encouraging enrolment

iii) The school management committees are able to pay teachers' salary through the funds donated by the community.

iv) Untrained Early Childhood Development and Education teachers have been sponsored for training.

v) Communities have developed a sense of ownership for the early childhood development and education programmes/ people come together in times of need.

vi) Teaching/ learning materials have been made available.

vii) Communities have been able to exploit their local resources for the development of the early childhood development programme.


a) Many Primary and secondary schools have been built through harambee efforts.
b) Colleges of technical and polytechnics were built
c) Sponsoring students to study abroad
d) Payment of fees for needy children
e) Cost-sharing is a form of harambee