Reasons why Wanga kingdom collaborated with colonial rule

i) Nabongo saw the coming of the British as an opportunity for his territorial expansion programme by soliciting British military assistance.

ii) Nabongo wanted to be made paramount chief over all of western Kenya

iii) He wanted to take advantage of British civilisation especially education.

iv) He wanted to get modern firearms for his army.

(i). He wanted the British to help him consolidate his position and that of his kingdom.
(ii). He wanted the British to appoint him as paramount chief of the entire western Kenya region.
(iii). He wanted to get military support from the British against his enemies like the Luo and
(iv). He hoped to get material benefits from the British e.g. western education. (v). He wanted to
gain fame and prestige by associating with the British.
(vi). The Wanga community was small and ill equipped to resist the British.
(vii). He realized the futility of resisting the British after seeing Bukusu being defeated.