Marking Guide P.7 SST & RE PAPER 2

1. Sunshine
2. It promotes good morals. It promotes friendship.
3. The sun is overhead the Equator during March and September.
4. Flooding.
5. East African Development Bank.
6. They made laws which were used by the colonial government.
7. Modern means of communication are faster than traditional ones.


9. Tororo produces limestone while Kampala doesnot.

10. Hard wood.

11. They were afraid of the harsh climatic conditions.

12. Singing anthems/ delivery of important communication.

13. Smoking/Salting/sun drying/Freezing

14. Political instabilities in some African countries.

15. Equatorial climate

16. Fertility of the soil/Provision of socisl services/Human activities in an area.

17. They provide water for generation of hydro electric power.

18. They help to reduce on the birth rate in an area.

19. It measures the speed of wind.

20. They provide accomodation to the tourists.

21. To promote security at school/To promote order at school

22. Wind ward side

23. They were gaining fron slave trade.

24.Atlas Mountains in Morocco were formed as a result of folding while Drakensberg Mountains in Lesotho were formed as a result of vulcanicity.

25. Excise duty

26. Ghana was already independent.

27. It requires less capital to start./It does not require a lot of labour.

28. Africans were forced to move with pass identities.

29. Pots/Cups/Plates e.t.c

30. Through formation of political parties/Through forming boycotts.

31. To promote trade/To create employment opportunities.

32. To get shade.

33. For easy identification.

34. It has no sea port/It is surrounded by land in all its direction/It does not have a coastline.

35. Population census is the general counting of people living in a particular area.

36. Either: It strengthens one's faith in God.

Or:   It strengthens one's faith in Allah.

37. Either: It is where Moses received the ten commandments from God.

Or: It is where prophet Muhammad received the first revelation of the Holy Quran.

38. Either: Through giving them food/Through giving them clothes/Through giving them medical care. e.t.c

Or: Through giving them food/Through giving them clothes/Through giving them medical care. e.t.c

39.  Either: To reconcile with others/To promote friendship with others/To be forgiven

Or:  To reconcile with others/To promote friendship with others/To be forgiven

40. Either: It is the place where the execution of the Uganda Martyrs took place.

Or: It is the first place where the spread of Islam began./It is the birth place of Prophet Muhammad./It is the place where the Kaaba is found.

41. (a) Kidepo Valley National Park.

(b) North East

(c) River Katonga

(d) Tobacco processing industry

42. (a) Millimeters.

(b) It is as a result of increased swamp drainage/ It is as a result of increased deforestation.

(c) Trees help in rain formation.

43. (a) Cotton

(b) Gravitational method./ Canal method.

(c) It is a sourse of employment to the people./It is a source of income to the people.

44. (a) United Nations Children's Fund.

(b) It provides food to people./It  provides medical care to children.

(c) Corruption/It lacks enough labour to run its programmes.

45. (a) Zebra crossing.

(b) Avoid drinking while drank./ Avoid over loading vehicles./ Avoid using vehicles in poor conditions.

(c) Due to presence of thick forests.

(d) They can cause accidents while transporting goods./They lead to delay of goods on the way./They can make movement of goods difficult.

46. (a) Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries.

(b) Nigeria

(c) It co-ordinates its member states for better oil production./It is a source of income to citizens in its member states./It is a source of employment  to citizens in its member states.

47. (a) Extended colonial rule to western Uganda.

(b) Was the first chief minister of Uganda.

(c) Signed the provisional Namirembe Agreement.

(d) Was one of the regents of Kabaka Daudi Chwa.

48. (a) Karimojongs.

(b) Shortage of water./Poor transort./Drought./Famine./High temperatures.

(c) By carring out irrigation farming.

49. (a)  Uganda Human Rights Commission.

(b) They are allowed to work./ They are allowed to go go to school to study./They are allowed to hold high positions in offices.

(c) Some are not allowed to own property./They are not allowed to inherit property./They are not allowed to go to school.

50. (a) Through appointment./Through appointment/Through volunteering.

(b) S/he should have a voter's card./ S/he should have 18 years and above.

(c) Vote rigging./Election violence./Shortage of electoral materials.

51. Either: (a) Palm Sunday.

(b) Praying./Singing hymns/Repenting/Fasting.

(c) To be forgiven.

Or: (a) Eid-el-Fitri

(b) Reciting the Holy Quran/ Praying/ Doing charitable work.

(c) To repent./To ask for Allah's guidance.

52. Either: (a) Do not worship other Gods apart from me.

(b) Through fasting./Through worshipping God./Through glorifying God above all.

(c) To protect them from evil./By blessing them.

Or: (a) Shahadat (Belief in the oneness of Allah and His prophet Muhammaf as his messenger)

(b) They pray five times a day./They perform Hajj./ They recite the Holy Quran.

(c) He blesses them./ He gives them knowledge and wisdom.

53. Either: (a) God.

(b) It was because man was lonely.

(c) Garden of Eden.

(d) Abel./Japheth.

Or: (a) Allah

(b) Adam./Hawa

(c) To care for the woman.

54. Either: (a) Prophet Daniel

(b) He violated the king's orders by continuing to worship the God of Israel./ He disobeyed the king's orders.

(c) He refused to stop worshipping his God.

(d) To be faithful to God.

Or: (a) Prophet Muhammad.

(b) He was preaching against their beliefs and practices.

(c) He helped him to escape to Taif.

(d) Allah protects his servants.


55. (a) Both believe in life after death./ Both believe in the day of judgement./Both believe in one God./Both believe in prophets./Both believe in angels.

(b) Both fast./ Both make pilgrimages./Both pray to one God.