P.7 Marking Guide Mid-March

1. Democratic Republic of Congo

2. To shave off people's hair./To trim people's hair

3.  It provides scholastic materials to the school./It provides labour to the school./It provides children to the school.

4. By wearing life jackets. /By using water vessels in good condition./By travelling n a good weather condition.

5. Universal Primary Education (UPE)/Universal Secondary Education (USE)/Alternative Basic Education for Karamoja (ABEK)

6. Rift Valley

7. It is the major center of administration./ It is a commercial center

8. It promotes talents/ It reduces boredom/It provides entertainment/It promotes healthy living

9. It was mainly built to link Uganda to the coast of Kenya.

10. Olduvai Gorge

11. To ease water transport between the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea./ To promote trade between Europe and India.

12. Maintaining law and order in the community./ Planning for the country./ Implementing government policies./ Governing the country.

13. Family.

14. Areas on a higher altitude are cool while areas on a lower altitude are hotter.

15. Nalubaale and Kiira Power Station.

16. It sent the explorers to East Africa./ It sponsored or funded their journeys.

17. It is a source of revenue to the government./ It attracts tourists who bring in a foreign exchange to the country.

18. Dumping wastes in them./ Using poor methods of fishing.

19. Kingdoms/Chiefdoms

20. Open ballot system/Secret ballot system

21. UBC Radio

22. Drought/Wars/Crop pests and diseases/Heavy rainfall

23. Atlantic ocean

24. They were afraid of losing their land/They were afraid of losing their powers/They wanted to protect their culture.

25. It has most of the other resources.

26. Alur/Acholi/Jopadhola

27. Through creating employment opportunities to them./By giving aid to disaster-stricken areas./Providing social services to people.

28. Equatorial climate.

29. National Environment Management Authority.

30. Arbitration/Sending away wrong doers from the society/Apologising/Punishing wrong doers.

31. Paul Mukasa

32. He fought slave trade in Acholi land.

33. They guide other pupils/They ensure law and order at school/They promote security at school.

34. Lake Magadi


36. Either: Genesis
Or: Surat Al-Fatiha

37. Either: Ash Wednesday
Or: Idd-el-Fitri

38. Either: Joseph
Or: Abdullah

39. Either: They ate the forbidden fruit.
Or: They ate the forbidden fruit.

40. Either: Adolescence is the transition stage between childhood and adulthood.
Or: Adolescence is the transition stage between childhood and adulthood.

41. (a) A right to food/A right to have a name/A right to play. e.t.c
(b)It helps them to know their rights./ It enables them to defend their rights/It helps them to become responsible citizens in the future.

42. (a) Somalia
(b) It has coastal ports for handling goods.
(c) Both are marked 0°./Both are used to locate places./Both are major imaginary lines.
(d) Europe

43. (a) Kabaka Muteesa I
(b) To spread literacy./To give him protection
(c) By using interpreters.

44. (a) Technology is the scientific way of solving problems.
(b) It is a source of income to people./ It provides quick transport./It provides easy communication.
(c) They provide clay and papyrus for craft industries.

45. (a) To promote trade./To create a wider market for goods/To promote co-operation /To create a common tariff/To create a common market.
(b) Shortage of funds/Differences in political ideologies/Unfair sharing of profits/Misunderstanding among heads of state.

46. (a) Weather station/ Meteorological centre.
(b) It helps people to know the right season for planting and harvesting crops./It enables people to travel safely.
(c) Floods/Hail storms/Lightning/Land slides/Mudslides

47. (a) Farming/Mining/Fishing/Trade/Lumbering. e.t.c
(b) Inadequate capital/Weather disasters/Language barrier/Limited market/High taxation

48. (a) Rosewood/African Walnut/Teak/Mvule/Mahogany
(b)  (i) Tanin
(ii) Latex
(c) They act as hiding places for criminals./They harbour dangerous wild animals.

49. (a) Enumerators.
(b) Due to difference in nature of the soil/Due to difference in vegetation distribution/Due to difference in relief/Due to difference in altitude/Due to difference in climate/Government policy. e.t.c

(c) Population density = No. of peopleLand size
Population density = 40,00080
Population density = 500 people/km².



F.D LugardIntroduced indirect rule in Uganda
Gerald PortalRaised the Union Jack at Entebbe
Semei KakunguluExtended British colonial rule to Eastern Uganda
Chief AwichResited gun registration

51. Either:/Or (a) To be forgiven.
(b) Incest/Adultery/Theft/Deceit/Theft. e.t.c
Either/Or: (c) Fasting/Worshipping God/Confessing sins/Singing hymns. e.t.c
Or: (c) Repentance/Confession.

52. Either: (a) Helping the needy/Feeding the poor/Repenting/Being trustworthy
(b) They do not want to leave their weath behind/They do not want to leave their beloved one/They are afraid of what will happen to them in their life after death.
Or: Helping the needy/Worshipping Allah/Making pilgrimages/Fasting/Reciting the Holy Quran

53. Either: (a) (i) Preach God's word
(ii) Baptises Christians
(b) A good leader should be helpful/A good leader should be kind/A good leader should be exemplary/A good leader should be humble. e.t.c
Or: (a) (i) TO teach Islam to the people.
(ii) Heads the Islamic religion in Uganda.
(b) A good leader should be helpful/A good leader should be kind/A good leader should be exemplary/A good leader should be humble. e.t.c

54. Either: (a) He healed the sick./ He made the lame to walk./ He gave sight to the blind./ He fed the hungry.
(b) To show God's love./ To show God's mercy./ To show God's power/ To prove that he was the son of God/ To reduce pain and suffering.
Or:  (a) He gave counselling to the depressed./ He conforted the opressed/He prayed for the people./He healed the sick
(b) To show Allah's love./ To show Allah's mercy./ To show Allah's power/ To prove that he was a prophet of Allah/ To reduce pain and suffering.

55. Both: (a) Both believe in one God/Both believe in prophets/Both believe in the day of the judgement/Both believe in angels. e.t.c
(b) Both fast/Both pay alms/Both make pilgrimages/Both have holy worshipping places/ Both have holy books.