1.Zebra crossing./Flyers.

2. It requires less capital to start./It requires less labour to maintain./It can be carried out on a small plot of land.

3. It helps to control soil erosion./It helps in rain formation./Trees act as wind brakes./Trees are sources of food like fruits./Trees help to reduce on global warming by consuming carbondioxide.

4. By using names of places./By using the map of the school./ By using features in a school.

5. Sisal./palm leaves./wood./banana fibres.

6. The interior is on a higher altitude than the seas and oceans.

7. Bagamoyo.

8. It is used for water purification./It is a source of calcium.

9. Through exporting processed goods instead of raw materials.

10. The temperatures become high twice when the sun is overhead the Tropic of Capricorn

11. Henry Morton Stanley.

12.For milk production./For meat production./They use them as means of transport.

13. To reduce on the rate of transpiration.

14. Lack of reliable rainfall./Poor soils.

15. To prevent other colonial powers from accessing Uganda's resources.

16. It crossed by by both the Prime Meridian and the Equator./It has the largest number of countries amongst all continents.

17. The Imperial British East Africa Company (IBEACo)

18.To show that Uganda has well marked boundaries./To show that Uganda has control over her territories.

19. Teak./Mahogany./Rose wood./Iron wood./Mvule

20. Fresh water lakes are condusive habitats for fish but salty water lakes do not support aquatic life.

21. Its peak is above the snow line.

22. Bye-laws/By-laws.

23. By deploying traffic policemen on the roads./ by regulating the number of passengers carried by every vehicle./By putting humps on roads.

24. They are both rift valley lakes. They were both formed as a result of faulting.

25. Tsetse flies.

26. The Eastern part of the continent is highly mountainous than the Western Part.

27. There are better social services in urban areas./There are better standards of living in urban centres.

28. Lagoon lakes.

29. By storing it in a savings box.

30. Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)

31. Action Against Hunger./BRAC Uganda./Catholic Relief Services./Food for the Hungry Uganda./Adventist Development and Relief Agency.

32. Hiking./Boat riding./Animal tracking/Skiing./Surfing./Bird watching./Mountain climbing.

33. It generates income from the taxes paid by land locked countries./It is source of employment to the people of Kenya.

34. Belgium.

35. Temperature.

36. Either: Moses
Or: Prophet Musa.

37. Either: Slaughtering animals./Going to church./Decorating the house./Praying.
Or: Holding street processions./Distributing charity.

38. Either: Through repentance./Through giving offertories./Through helping the needy./Through fasting.
Or: Through repentance./Through offering sacrifices./Through fasting.

39. Either/Or: To test his faith.

40. Either: Courage./Power to perform miracles./Knowledge and wisdom.
Or: Prosperity./Rewards and blessings./Good health./Jannah.


41. (a) Ethiopia

(b) Ethiopia lost her independence when Eritrea got her independence.

(c) Mining./Tourism/Trade./Transportation.

(d) They are so deep./Salty water is harmful to the inner body organs.

42. (a) Dhows.

(b) They were blown by monsoon winds.

(c) Pirates/They were attacked./They were attacked by strong winds.

43. (a) Trading licence.

(b) It helps to check the standard of goods before they are put on market.

(c) It has constructed roads./It has built markets in different parts of the country./It has provided financial support to the citizens.

44. (a) They provide information about criminal suspects./They take criminal cases to the police./They report wrong doers to the police.

(b) To restore peace and order in the community.

(c) Traffic police.

45. (a) Savanna grasslands.

(b) It is used as medicine./It acts as food./It is a source of wood fuel.

(c) There are different altitudes./There are different amounts of rainfall  precipitation.

46. (a) September.

(b) Places near latitude Y receive direct sunlight unlike places faraway.

(c) Equinox.

(d) It is used to generate solar electricity./It is used to dry harvested crops./It provides warmth to people./It is used to dry people's clothes./It provides light to people.

47. (a) River Semliki

(b) Presence of dangerous wild animals./Presence of floating vegetation./Presence of rocks beneath the water.

(c) They provide us with water for irrigation./ They help in generation of hydro electric power./They are used for transport.

48. (a) Through signing treaties./By using military force./They used missionaries. 

(b) They used traditional leaders to encourage cash crop growing among Africans./They used them to help them fight rebellions.

49. (a) Coffee./Cotton./Tobacco./Sisal.

(b) Price flactuation./Limited labour on plantation farms./Limited farm land./Limited funds to invest in plantation farms.

50. (a) April.

(b) Range = Highest-Lowest

Range = 230mm-40mm

Range = 190mm.

(b) It receives rainfall throughout the year. 

(c) Democratic Republic of Congo./Cameroon./Gabon./Nigeria.

51. Either: (a) They spoke in different tongues./They started performing miracles./Flames of fire appeared on top of their heads.

(b) They heard the apostles speaking in different languages.

(c) They were in the upper room of the temple.

Or: (a) He united people under one leadership./He stopped tribal wars in Madina./He built a mosque there./He spread Islam.

(b) He was a symbol of unity amongst them./He accepted their invitation to migrate to their area.

(c) Mecca.

52. Either: (a) Religious marriage.

(b) Godliness./Discipline./Faithfulness./Care ./Patience.

(c) It reduces conflicts over faith in the family./It makes it easy for parents to raise their children in faith.

Or: (a) Nikah.

(b) Godliness./Discipline./Faithfulness./Care ./Patience.

(c) It reduces conflicts over faith in the family./It makes it easy for parents to raise their children in faith.

53. Either: (a) Sin.

(b) It is because their Lord Jesus died and resurrected from the dead.

(c) It causes sadness among Christians./It separates them from their relatives./It leads to loss of their loved ones.

Or: (a) They are disbelievers and they are afraid of going to hell.

(b) It is one of the pillars of faith./They believe that it

(c) It causes sadness among Christians./It separates them from their relatives./It leads to loss of their loved ones.

54. Either: (a) God.

(b) Adam.

(c) The tree of knowledge of good and evil.

(d) He realised that he was naked.

Or: (a) Pay zakat.

(b) By feeding the needy./By giving clothes to the naked./By giving money to the poor.



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