Marking Guide for P7 SST & RE Beginning of Term II


1. A bell.

2. Mediterranean Sea.

3. Kasese/Kamwenge/Ibanda/Kiruhura/Bukomansimbi/Mpigi.

4. North West.

5. For proper planning.

6. There are no open grazing lands./There are thick trees which do not allow free 
movement of animals.

7. Cape Ranges were formed as a result of folding while Drakensberg Mountains were 
formed as a result of volcanicity.

8. Sisal/Banana fibres.

9. To control soil erosion.

10. Today people believe in modern religions while the people of long ago believed in 
traditional religions.

11. There is unreliable rainfall./There are poor soils./There is unfavourable climate.

12. Hot temperatures./Famine./sand storms./Poor transport.

13.Holidays enable them to relax their minds, enjoy parental love, help parents with 
domestic chores e.t.c

14. Circumcision.

15. It is because most of the resources are found on land.

16. Traditional cash crops are crops which were originally grown for sale while non-traditional cash crops are crops which were originally grown for food but are now grown for sale.

17. People of the pre-colonial period used barter trade while the people of today use monetary trade.

18. A school provides market to the goods produced by the neighbourhood./The school provides employment to people in the neighbourhood./The school provides education service to people who live in the neighbourhood.

19. To trade.

20. Lack of funds./Misunderstandings among the heads of state./Unfair sharing of profits among memberstates.

21. Savanna vegetation.

22. Drought/Pests and diseases/Limited market for their goods/Price fluctuation/Shortage of capital.

23. Due to harsh treatment/Due to introduction of unfair colonial policies./Due to disrespect of their culture.

24. It promotes respect amongst each other.

25. It enables peaceful transition of leadership.

26. Mount Danakil./Mount Usambara./Mount Ulungulu.

27. Through introducing the NAADS programme.

28. They introduced at the coast./They built Fort Jesus which is a tourist attraction today.

29. By reporting wrong doers to the police.

30. It is where the oldest skull of ealy man was found.

31. They help in rain formation./They act as wind brakes./They control soil erosion./They are source of timber./Some trees are sources of herbal medicine. e.t.c

32. To know the population structure of a given area./To know the date rates and birth rates of people in an area./to plan well for the people.

33. To promote unity./For self identification.

34. There were fertile soils for crop growing./There was a favourable climate./The area received reliable rainfall.

35. Drought.

36. Either: Simon Peter.
Or: Khadijah.

37. Either: Through praying./Through fasting/Through helping the needy/Through singing hymns/Through reading the Bible.

Or: Through praying./Through fasting/Through helping the needy/Through reciting the Holy Qur'an.

38. Both: Loss of friends./It can cause death/It can lead to a lot of misery and suffering.

39. Either/Or: By creating more wildlife centres/By advertising wildlife centres internationally/By ensuring political stability in the country./By improving on social services.

40. Either/Or: Helping the needy./Praying for the sick./Being exemplary.

41. (a) (i) Air transport.
(ii) Pipeline transport.
(b) Road transport./Air transport./Water transport./Railway transport./Animal transport.

42. (a) There is a complete food chain./There is enough pasture for the animals.
(b) They are sources of government revenue./They are sources of income.
(c) By creating more wildlife centres/By advertising wildlife centres internationally/By ensuring political stability in the country./By improving on social services./By encouraging the private sector to invest in the tourism infrastructure.

43. (i) Chairperson LCV-Elections.
(ii) Chief Administrative Officer-Appointment.
(iii) Scouts and guides-Volunteering.
(iv) Kings-Succession.

44. (a) Murchison Falls National Park.
(b) People rear donkeys for transport since it makes the area mountainous.
(c) it helps in the generation of hydro electricity./It promotes tourism./It provides water for industrial use.
(d) Floods./Drowning/Dangerous marine animals.

45. (a) Teachers./Doctors/Taxi Drivers e.t.c
(b) Due to poverty./Due to ignorance./Due to illiteracy./Due to corruption.
(c) Through fighting corruption./Through carrying out adult education./Through improving infrastructure.

46. (i) Police-Enforces law and order.
(ii) Army-Defends the country.
(iii) Prison wardens-Rehabilitate prisoners.
(iv) RDC-Holds security meetings in the district.

47. (a) Nuclear family.
(b) Parents.
(c) He provides basic needs to the family members.
(d) Through obeying family rules./Through respecting each other.

48. (a) Omukama Kasagama/Semei Kakungulu/Nuwa Mbaguta.
(b)They wanted protection from the colonialists against their enemies./They wanted materialistic gains./They wanted peace in their areas./they were afraid of the European's superiority.
(c) They learnt leadership skills from the colonialists./They got materialistic gains from the colonialists.
(d) They were hated by the natives.

49. (a) Shortage of funds./Water weed./Lack of ready market for fish products./Pirates.
(b) By giving loans to fishermen./Through advertising the fishing industry world wide./Through setting up strict laws against poor fishing methods./By discouraging poor fishing methods.

50. (a)  B-June.
(b) Gabon/Uganda/The Democratic Republic of Congo/Kenya/Somalia.
(c) It is used to locate places on a map./It is used to determine the climate of a given area.

51. Either: (a)  Jesus Christ.
(b) Apostles of Christ.
(c) He wanted to comfort the apostles.
Or: (a) Quran.
(b) Through performing ablution before touching it.Through keeping it in a clean place.
(c) They get blessings, rewards & protection from Allah (SWT)
(d) Disbelievers/Menstruating women.

52. Either/Or: (a) Both have holy places of worship./Both believe in life after death./Both have religious leaders.
(b) Reconciliation./Praying.

53. Either/Or: (a) They bribe voters/They embezzle public funds.
(b) It promotes friendship/it promotes co-operation/It promotes a good relationship with God/Allah.

54. Either/Or: (a) Singing ./Playing football./Art and crafts./Dancing./Acting./Public speaking.
(b) So that we can help each other./To promote co-operation.
(c) Through drawing pornographic pictures./Through stealing people's property.

55. Either/Or: (a) Jesus Jesus./Prophet Muhammad.
(b) Palm Sunday./Hegira.
(c) By respecting the religious beliefs and practices./By respecting the holy books.

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