P.7 Beginning of Term II Marking Guide


1. It is where It is where meals are prepared.

2. Uganda/Kenya.

3. Wind helps in; winnowing/pollinating farmer's crops.

4. Grandmother/grandfather/uncle/aunt/nephew/niece/cousin.

5. Transport service.

6. Planted forests/planted grass/crops/planted flowers.

7. Asia.

8. Port Bell/Port Jinja/Port Bukakata.

9. Through over cultivation/Through land pollution/Through dumping garbage on it.

10. It helps to measure the amount of rainfall received in an area.

11. By paying civil servants/By constructing roads/By building schools & hospitals/by 
repaying loans/By buying medicine & security weapons.

12. Its goods delay on the way/It pays high taxes on oversea goods/Its goods lack 
privacy/It faces a problem of high way robbers.

13. Equatorial climate.

14. To ease the movement of British administrators/To ease the movement of troops/To 
ease the transportation of military weapons/To link Uganda to the coast.

15. School name/School badge/School badge/School address/School motto.

16. Atlantic ocean.

17. To to internal and external conflicts/Natural disasters/Shortage of land/.

18. Promotes peace and security/Enforces law and order/

19. It signifies Lake Victoria.

20. To promote trade/To promote peace in Uganda/To promote transport and communication.

21. By promoting boys and girls equally/By giving equal rights to both boys and girls.

22. By folding.

23. Favourable climate/Fertile soils/Presence of land./Peace and security.

24. To promote trade/To create job opportunities/To increase government revenue.

25. They are cleared to get land for settlement./They are cleared to get land for industialisation/They are cleared to get land for crop growing/They are cleared to get land for constructing roads/They are cleared to get land for animal rearing.

27. Through clans, tribes & families.

28. by obeying laws/Through respecting one another/By reporting law breakers/Through providing guidance and counselling to the youth.

29. They have tiny leaves/They develop hard barks/They shed their leaves.

30. They are used in school fees payment/They give loans to schools/They keep school's money.

31. Judiciary

32. They are source of income to people./Craft work is a source of employment to people./Craft work helps to make play materials/It helps to make materials for decoration.

33. Westerlies/Westerly winds.

34. They help us to know about our origin/They promote morals/They promote unity among people/They promote discipline.

35. They built Fort Jesus./They introduced Christianity at the Coast of East Africa.

36. Either: Exodus
Or: Taurat

37. Either/Or: Through fasting/Praying/Through making pilgrimages/Through reading holy books./Through repenting.

38. Either: Respect your father and mother.
Or: Zakat

39. Either/Or: To show that he has authority./To show God's love./To show God's power./To reduce suffering./To make people to believe in him./To bring joy and happiness to people.

40. Either/Or: It is because there is life after death./It enables them to go to paradise.


41. (a) It helps to locate places./It helps them to find direction
(b) Northern direction.
(c) Pilots/Sailors/Ship captain/Mountain climbers/Tourists/Rally drivers.
(d) South Eastern direction.

42. (a) Uganda/Kenya/Tanzania
(b) To create a wider market for their goods/To promote peace and security in the region./To promote free movement across the community.
(c) Ugandans get jobs from the EAC/Ugandans move freely in the EAC/Ugandans have a wider market for their goods from the community.

43. (a) To make laws./To advise the colonial government/
(b) The parliament.
(c) Kawalya Kaggwa/Petero Nyangabyaki Akiki/Yekonia Zirabamuzaale.

44. (a)  Banguela Ocean Current
(b) It crosses a town known as Greenwich in England.
(c) Cape Verde.
(d) It has the hottest desert in the whole world./It has the largest number of land locked countries./It has the largest man made lakes.

45. (a) They help to promote democracy in the country./It helps to reduce conflicts during the voting exercise./It enables people to vote leaders of their own./It promotes peaceful transition of leadership.
(b) Voter bribery/Vote rigging/Harrassment & intimidation of voters.
(c) Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs.

46. (a) Environment are things that surround us.
(b) Deforestation/Swamp drainage/Industrialisation/Over grazing/Over cultivation/Bush burning.
(c) Through agro-forestry./Through re-afforestation/Through afforestation./Through controlled lumbering.

47. (a) Political leader.
(b) Through elections.
(c) Through appointment.
(d) Traditional leader.

48. (i) Lions.
(ii) Mountain gorillas.
(b) (i) They are sources of government revenue./They are sources of income to game rangers & wardens.

49. (a) Food/Clothes/Education/Parental love./Medical care./Shelter./Security.
(b) Stunted growth./Poor health./Malnutrition.
(c) Vice Chairperson.

50. (a) Due to harsh colonial rule./Due to unfair laws./Due to  over taxation./Due to  forced labour. /Europeans didn't respect African culture./They wanted to fight for their independence.
(b) (i) Chief Awich.
(ii) Prophet Kinjekitire Ngwale.
(c) The African natives were allowed to grow their own cash crops.

51. (a) Either/Or: (i) By clapping for God/Allah.
(ii) Ginging for God/Allah./Preaching the word of God/Allah.
(b) One gets rewards./One gets blessings./One gets forgiveness./One gets eternal life./One gets God's love.

52. Either: (a) Baptism.
(b) It helps to wash away the original sin.
(c) Confirmation/Eucharist/Penance/Matrimony/Holy Orders/Anointing of the sick.

Or: (a) Ablution.
(b) Water/ Dry Soil.
(c) It helps to cleanse a Muslim before prayer.

53. Either: (i) Jesus entered Jerusalem as a king.
(ii) God's plan of salvation was fulfilled.
(iii) Jesus went back to heaven.
(iv) The Holy Spirit descended to Jesus' apostles.

Or: (i) Prophet Muhammad's journey from Mecca to Medina.
(ii) Prophet Muhammad's journey from Medina to Jerusalem.
(iii) Prophet Muhammad's journey from Jerusalem to heaven.
(iv) Holy journey to Mecca.

54. Either: (a) Virgin Mary.
(b) Bethlehem.
(c) Population census.
(d) To save him from King Herod.

Or: (a) Aminah.
(b) Mecca.
(c) He grazed sheep.
(d) to escape from the Meccan pagans.

55. Either: (a) Jesus Christ.
(b) God the Father.
(c) Apostles.
(d) To trust in Jesus Christ ./To believe in Jesus Christ./It shows that Jesus Christ is the only way to God.

Or: (a) Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
(b) They are saved./They are healed./Their condition improved./They get blessed./They get rewards.
(c) To trust in Allah./To do righteous deeds./To believe in the revelation sent to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

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