1. Somalia

2. A title helps the map reader to know what the map is all about.

3. It provides transport service.

4. They lead to the formation of relief rainfall.

5. They carry out lumbering./They get herbal medicine./They created game parks.

6. Rubbish pit/Dust bin.

7.Climate/Economic activities/Relief/Nature of the soil.

8. Looking right, left and right again before crossing the road.

9. North Western direction.

10. School holidays./Religious holidays.

11. Resident District Commissioner.

12. They introduced cash/They introduced modern means of transport./They introduced modern education./They introduced modern medicine.

13. It has encouraged bribery./It makes voting a personal choice./It takes a lot of time to decide the winner./It is expensive to conduct.

14. It enables the government to plan for the country effectively./It enables the government to know the birth and death rate of the people./It enables the government to know the employment status of the people./It enables the government to know the  education level of the people./It enables the government to know the  religious status of the citizens.

15. South Sudan can get goods she does not have from other countries in the EAC./Little taxes are imposed on South Sudan's goods.

16. The sun is directly overhead the object.

17. Flooding of rivers which pass through it./Poor transport due to thick forests.

18. Banyoro/Batooro/Basoga.

19. They promote tourism./they are sources of skins and hides which are sold for money.

20. Early man was no longer moving from one ploace to anothr looking for food./Early man had to stay in one place to look after his crops.

21. Swamps./Forests.

22. For future use.

23.Presence of fertile soils/Presence of reliable rainfall.

24. They are mistreated./Discrimination/Underpayment./Delay of salaries.

25. They can be used to make crafts.

26. Equator.

27. Headteacher.

28. It promotes peace and security./It promotes unity./It ensures development.

29. Shortage of food./Shortage of jobs./Land disputes./Easy spread of diseases./High crime rate.

30. They promote unity./They help in self identification.

31. Most of the resources are found on land.

32. 1900 Buganda Agreement./1901 Ankole Agreement./1894 Protection Treaty./1890 Bunyoro Agreement.

33. For easy identification./To show patriotism./It symbolises nationalism.

34. To control drought/o control desertification./To control global warming.

35. Bahr-el-Ghazel

36. Either: By reading the Bible./By singing in the church choir./By helping the needy.
Or: By reciting the Holy Quran./By helping the needy.

37. Either: Joseph
Or: Abdullah.

38. Either: To die for man's sins and bring total salvation.
Or: To spread Islam.

39. Either/Or: They disobeyed Him and ate the forbidden fruit.

40. Either: Holy water/Holy oil/Candle/White cloth.
Or: Quran/Crescent moon/Star.


41. (i) Mount Rwenzori - Faulting
(ii) Lake Victoria - Down warping
(iii) Lake Katwe - Volcanicity
(iv) Kabaka's Lake - Man's activity

42. (a) Soft boards/Papers./Pencils/Tooth picks.
(b) They receive plenty of rainfall throughout the year.
(c) They provide timber/They promote tourism/They are sources of herbal medicine/They are sources of  wood fuel/They are sources of fruits.

43. (a) Tobacco.
(b) Crocodiles.
(c) Mabira forest.
(d) Lake Albert.

44. (a)  Presence of fertile soils./Reliable rainfall./Good climatic conditions.
(b) They settled in areas with fertile soils/ They settled in areas with reliable rainfall/ They settled in areas with a favourable climate.

45. (a) Newspapers/Magazines/Radios/Televisions/Computers/Laptops/Telegrams.
(b) They are fast./They can be used to send messages to a large group of people at ago.
(c) Lack of communication networks./Shortage of funds./Language barrier.

46. (a) Lack of basic needs./Irresponsible parents./Lack of clear family rules.
(b) Quarrels among family members./Divorce./Under development of the family.

47. (i) Teachers/Tutors/Lecturers.
(ii) Security services.
(iii) Doctors/Surgeons/Nurses/Midwives.
(iv) Communication services.

48. (a) Taxes/Loans/Grants/Donations/Fines/Dividends.
(b) Through constructing social service centres/Through paying civil servants./Through buying military weapons.
(c) To collect taxes.

49. (a) It is because Uganda was colonised by Britain.
(b) Education service/Security service/Transport service/Communication service.
(c) Hatred between local leaders and their subjects./Africans lost their independence./There was discrimination/There was loss of lives/Natural resources in Africa were over exploited/Africans' culture was eroded by that of the Europeans/There was high taxation/There was forced labour on European farms./There was land alienation.

50. (a) (i)Petero Nyangabyaki Akiiki.
(ii) Yekonia Zirabamuzaale.
(b) They were subjected to forced labour./They paid high taxes.
(c) They staged rebellions/demonstrations/riots/uprisings/strikes./They boycotted European goods.

51. Both: (i) Light.
(ii) Sky.
(iii) Sun/Moon/Stars.
(iv) Animals/Man.

52. Either: (a) Genesis.
(b) It contains the word of God.
(c) To avoid temptations./To get more knowledge about God.
Or: (a)  Surat Al-Fatiha.
(b) It contains the word of God.
(c) To get rewards./To get guidance from Allah (SWT),To resist temptations.

53. Either: (a) Confession prayers./Liturgical prayers./Thanks giving prayers.
(b) To get blessings./To get rewards/To thank God.
(c)  Due to lack of faith./Due to lack of intention for praying.
Or: Obligatory prayers/Optional prayers.
(b) To get blessings./To get rewards/To thank God.
(c)  Due to lack of faith./Due to lack of intention for praying.

54. Either: (a) Sarah.
(b) He was faithful to God.
(c) Being faithful/God-fearing/Truthful./Patient.
Or: (a) Sarai.
(b) He was faithful to Allah.
(c) Being faithful/God-fearing/Truthful./Patient.

55. Either: (a) Simon Peter/Andrew.
(b) To give him assistance during his ministry./To give him company.
Or: (a) Abu Bakr./Umar/Uthman/Ali
(b) To give him assistance to spread Islam/To give him company.

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