P.4 English Mid-Term I 2020

Questions 1 to 50 carry one mark each.

For each of the questions 1-5, fill in the missing gaps.
1. han      s      me
2. l      ght sk      nned
3. g             lty
4. inn      c      nt
5. be             tiful

For each of the questions 6-15, use the correct form of the words in the brackets.
6. Stephen is                     than Ian. (smart)
7. King Solomon had a lot of                     .(wise)
8. Pupils should answer questions                     .(careful)
9. Moses' father                     fat. (be)
10. Ojok is the                     boy in our class. (hard working)
11. The matron has taken our                    to the dormitory. (luggage)
12. What is the correct                     of this word? (pronounce)
13. Both Rachael and Michael have                      . (knife)
14. Of the twins, Nakato is the                     . (tall)
15. Some people are                     and others are rich. (poverty)

In questions 16-20, fill in the blank space with the correct word or group of words to complete the sentences.
16. It is very easy to rear                     ewe.
17. Both Simon Peter                      Jesus Christ were crucified on crosses.
18. Some men are ugly and others are                     .
19.                      does your new dress look like?
20. Lake Victoria is not deep. It is                     .

In questions 21-23, arrange the given adjectives in their alphabetical order.
21. present, absent, win, lost.
22. soft, silent, sharp, small.
23. January, February, March, April.

For questions 24-26, write the plural form of the given word.
24. late
25. expensive
26. rich
In questions 27-29, give the opposite of the underlined word or group of words.
27. All our teachers were present on Sunday.
28. Namubiru is as young as the hills.
29. All pupils in Primary Three are shabby.
For questions 30-32, write the given short forms in full.
30. will not
31. cannot
32. I shall
In each of the questions 33-35, arrange the following words to make meaningful sentences.
33. boy Is a polite he?
34. as King wise as Solomon.
35. rude What a boy is Opeta!

Sub-Section II
For questions 36-37, re-write the opposite of the underlined group of words.
36. Zebedee has joined the group of singers at his school.
37. My aunt has given birth to three children born by the same mother at the same time.
In questions 38-40, write the following abbreviations in full.
38. Monday
39. January
40. doctor
For questions 41-50, re-write the given sentences as instructed in the brackets.
41. Some people are thinner than others. (Re-write using: Some people are...and others are...)
42. Lawrence is light-skinned. Florence is so light-skinned. (Join as one sentence using:...than...)
43. Your father bought a car. My father bought a car. (Re-write as one sentence beginning: Both...)
44. All girls in our class are fat except Ruth. (Re-write using:...thinnest...)
45. What a patient person Job was! (Use: ...very...)
46. An elephant is too fat. It cannot jump. (Join using: ...because...)
47. There are no tall boys in our class. (Re-write using...any...)
48. You should not laugh at lame people. (Begin:Never...)
49. I am a very honest child. (Re-write using: What...!)
50. As patient as__________________. (Complete the simile)

Questions 51 to 55 carry ten marks each.

51. Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow in full sentences.

Last year in April, twenty girls took part in a beauty contest. The beauty contest took place at Kyobe Institute. Regina, our elder sister was one of the twenty girls. She was a very beautiful girl. She was dark-skinned. Apart from this, Regina was also clever and smart. Regina was asked to take part in this beauty contest by her friends. They always called her the “Black Beauty Queen” because of her beautiful, black skin colour.

On the day of the contest, very many people came to attend. The contest began at 2:00 p.m. The judges looked at the beauty, size, age and nationality of the girls. All the twenty girls were very beautiful so it was very difficult for the judges to choose the winner.

After careful judgement, the judges started reading out the results at 6:00p.m. At this moment every girl hoped to win the best prize which was a car.

The announcer started with the contestant in the last position. He said, “The contestant in the 20th position is Regggggg………………..,
Reggggg……………” On hearing this, Regina closed her eyes and covered her face. But after a minute of silence, the announcer said the full name as “Regious”. This girl had a name almost similar to that of Regina but thank God it wasn’t Regina.

Announcing of the results went on for almost an hour. And when they finally announced Regina as the winner, we could not believe it. All of us jumped off our seats shouting with joy. Regina was then crowned as Miss Kyobe and handed over the new car.

1. Whom did they always call the Black Beauty Queen?
2. Where did the beauty contest take place?
3. How many girls took part in the beauty contest?
4. Who asked Regina to take part in the beauty contest?
5. What do Regina’s friends call her?
6. At what time did the judges start reading the results?
7. Name the contestant in the 20th position.
8. Which prize were the girls competing for?
9. Who won the best prize?
10. Who was crowned as Miss Kyobe?

52. Read the dialogue below and answer the questions that follow in full sentences.

Ahabwe : Hello Nyanjura! Where did you go over the weekend?

Nyanjura : We visited Lake Mburo National Game Park. I went with my elder brother
and younger sister. We paid
only one thousand shillings at
the gate. The gatekeeper was
a very old man. He was older 
than my grandfather.

Ahabwe : What did you see in the national park?

Nyanjura : We saw giraffes, baboons, kobs, crested cranes, peacocks and lions. Lions are very fierce animals. They have long and pointed teeth. Lions are very strong. We saw a lion killing a kob and tearing its skin.

Ahabwe : I think the lion is the strongest animal in the national park.

Nyanjura : May be not. Our tour guide told us that a giraffe can kill a lion by kicking it. The giraffe is a tall and strong animal too.

Ahabwe : I saw an Ostrich at the zoo. Is a giraffe taller than an ostrich?

Nyanjura : Yes, it is. A giraffe is the tallest animal in the national park. It is even taller than some trees.

Ahabwe : I will ask my parents to take me to Lake Mburo National Game Park.

1. Who went to Lake Mburo National Game Park?
2. How much money did they pay at the gate?
3. What does a lion look like?
4. Who will ask her parents to take her to Lake Mburo National Game Park?
5. Which animal can kill a lion by kicking it?
6. What is the tallest animal in the game park?
7. Which animal has long and pointed teeth?
8. Where did Nyanjura go ovee the weekend?
9. Which animal did the lion kill?
10. How many people are in the dialogue?

53. Solve the crossword puzzle below.
5.A figure with four equal sides.
6.A doing word.
8.A collection of flowers tied together in an attractive way.
10.The king who is the wisest person to ever live on earth.
1.A naming word.
2.A word which describes a noun or a pronoun.
3.A word which replaces a noun.
4.As patient as__________.
7.The shape of an egg.
9.The opposite of both beautiful and ugly
47. (a) Complete the table below correctly

having the shape of a circle
a bundle of flowers tied together in an attractive way
______________having the shape of an egg.
______________a shape with three sides
______________having four equal sides
______________a female sheep
______________the opposite of tall
______________not well dressed
______________  three children born by the same mother at the sametime.
______________  a female sheep

55. Use the right word from the list below to fill in the blank spaces.
faster, big, small, biggest, happy, tour, Entebbe Wildlife Educational Centre, animals, ostrich, interesting

Last week, the Primary Four pupils went for a _________. They went to______________________________________. Their teacher hired a __________ bus which collected them from school. The pupils were very __________. Some of them had never travelled farther than their school.
While they were in Entebbe, the pupils saw many____________and birds. Some were big and others were _________. They saw the __________ bird. It is called an _______________. The ostrich has only two toes. The teacher told the pupils that an ostrich can run __________ than a car.
By the time they finished touring the Education Centre, they had learnt a lot. They said that that was the most_______________ place they had ever visited!