Read the dialogue.
Ahabwe : Hello Nyanjura. Where did you go over the weekend?
Nyanjura : We visited Lake Mburo National Game Park.
I went with my elder brother
and younger sister. We paid
only one thousand shillings at
the gate. The gatekeeper was
a very old man. He was older 
than my grandfather.

Ahabwe : What did you see in the national park?
Nyanjura : We saw giraffes, baboons, kobs, crested cranes, peacocks and lions. Lions are very fierce animals. They have long and pointed teeth. Lions are very strong. We saw a lion killing a kob and tearing its skin.
Ahabwe : I think the lion is the strongest animal in the national park.
Nyanjura : May be not. Our tour guide told us that a giraffe can kill a lion by kicking it. The giraffe is a tall and strong animal too.
Ahabwe : I saw an Ostrich at the zoo. Is a giraffe taller than an ostrich?
Nyanjura : Yes, it is. A giraffe is the tallest animal in the national park. It is even taller than some trees.
Ahabwe : I will ask my parents to take me to Lake Mburo National Game Park.
Who went to Lake Mburo National Game Park?
How old was the gatekeeper?
What does a lion look like?
What does a lion use to kill animals?
Give examples of animals found in the zoo.