Last year in April, twenty girls took part in a beauty contest. The beauty contest took place at Kyobe Institute. Regina, our elder sister was one of the twenty girls. She was a very beautiful girl. She had a bloack skin colour. Apart from this, Regina was also clever and smart. Regina was asked to take part in this beauty contest by her friends. They always called her the “Black Beauty Queen” because of her beautiful, black skin colour.

On the day of the contest, very many people came to attend. The contest began at 2:00 p.m. The judges looked at the beauty, size, age and nationality of the girls. All the twenty girls were very beautiful so it was very difficult for the judges to choose the winner.

After careful judgement, the judges started reading out the results at 6:00p.m. At this moment every girl hoped to win the best prize which was a car.
The announcer started with the contestant in the last position. He said, “The contestant in the 20th position is Regggggg………………..,
Reggggg……………” On hearing this, Regina closed her eyes and covered her face. But after a minute of silence, the announcer said the full name as “Regious” This girl had a name almost similar to that of Regina but thank God it wasn’t Regina.

Announcing of the results went on for almost an hour. And when they finally announced Regina as the winner, we could not believe it. All of us jumped off our seats shouting with joy. Regina was then crowned as Miss Kyobe and handed over the new car.
1. When did the beauty contest take place?
2. Where did the beauty contest take place?
3. How many girls took part in the beauty contest?
4. Who asked Regina to take part in the beauty contest?
5. What do Regina’s friends call her?
6. At what time did the judges start reading the results?
7. Who is older; Regina or her sisters?
8. Which prize were the girls competing for?
9. Who won the best prize?
10. Why do you think Regina won the beauty contest?