Free Luganda Translated Love Stories

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These Movies will be Deleted Soon!

1. Love Story

2. Romeo and Juliet

3. Samson and Delilah 

4. Titanic 1 

5. Titanic 2

6. Basmati Blues

7. Endless Love

8. Damage

9. Till Death do Us Apart

10. Almost Friends

11. China Moon

12. Half Girlfriend

13. The Kissing Booth

14. Stuck in Love

15 .I give it a year

16. The Perfect Match

17. Not Easily Broken

18. Sweet November

19. The Last Song

20. Happily Ever After

21. An Education

22. The Vow

23. 9 Weeks

24. LOL

25. The Pill

26. Breathe

27. Infidelity

27. The Notebook

28. Bitter Harvest

29. Spread

30. 27 Dresses

31. Princess Switch

32. The Reader

33. Brides War

34. When in Rome

35. Princess Diaries

36. Sharon 1 2 3

37. Yeh Kaisi Mahabbat

38. Water Elephants

39. Submergercy

40. Harry and Meghan

41. Grass Stains

42. Seven Pounds

43. Here on Earth

44. The Time Traveller's Wife


46. All Roads Lead to Rome

47. Serendipity

48. Marrying Mr. Dancy

49. Alex and Eve

50. Just Wright

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