Free Luganda Translated Movies

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These movies will be deleted soon


1.  Avengers End Game

2.  Avengers Infinity War

3. Extraction 

4. Battle Field 

5. Legend of the Fist

6. Fox

7. Blood Shot

8. Bad Boys for Life

9. Big Game

10. Behind Enemy Lines

11. The Buffalo Boys

12. Java Heat

13. Ben 10

14. Blood Father

15 .The Eleventh Hour

16. Forced to Fight

17. Parker

18. Mercenary

19. Enter the Fat Dragon

20. Jumanji

21. Final Contract

22. Maximum Conviction

23. Game of Death

24. Iron Monkey

25. Falcon Rising

26. Extraction Day

27. Charlie Angels

27. Excessive Force

28. True Lies

29. Bodies at Rest

30. Beyond Redemption

31. Seven Sisters

32. Battle of Jang Sari

33. Commando

34. Benefactor

35. 12 Bridges

36. The Brave One

37. Bullet to the Head

38. Trigonal

39. Evasion

40. Ip Man

41. Disturbing Peace

42. Ip Man and the Four Kings

43. Ip Man 4

44. Bodies at Rest

45.The White Storm

46. 24 Hours to Live

47. Bullet Proof

48. Brooklyn's Finest

49. Broken City

50. Breaking Out

51. Terminator Dark Era

52. Magnificent Ten

53. AEON Flux 

54. Live by Night 

55. Spiderman

56. X-Men Apocalypses

57. X-Men Days of Future Past

58. X-Men Wolverine

59. X-Men First Class

60. Ninja

61. Heat Stroke

62. Faster

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