Historical Books and Articles

1. An Introductory History of East Africa

2. Africa Under Colonial Domination

3. Central and East Africa

4. General History of Africa

5. The History of Ethiopia

6. Encyclopedia of African History

7. The Cambridge History of Africa

8. Africa: Its Geography and People

9. Early and Medieval West Africa

10. Mau Mau Warrior

11. Mau Mau Remembered

12. How Africa Developed Europe

13. Kabaka Kintu

14. Patriotism in precolonial Buganda

15 .Obukulembeze bwa Buganda

16. Succession in Buganda

17. Restoration of Buganda

18. The Ameru in the Mau Mau

19. Political Theologies in Colonial Buganda

20. Integrating Uganda into Buganda

21. History of Ethnicity

22. The Buganda Dynasty

23. Uganda at 50

24. History of Bunyoro-Kitara

25. Information about Bunyoro Kitara

26. State Formation in Acholi

27. Origins of the Acholi

27. From the Village to Entebbe

28. Shaka Zulu's Tactics

29. Shaka Zulu: The Black Napoleon

30. Shaka's Military Expeditions

31. The Zulus in the Anglo-Boer War

32. The Zulus at War

33. The Powers of Shaka Zulu

34. Anatomy of the Zulu Army

35. Emperor Shaka the Great

36. The Rise and Fall of the Zulu

37. The British, the Boers, and the making of South Africa

38. The Anglo-Boer War

39. The Boer War

40. The Great Boer War

41. Children and the Mau Mau

42. Encyclopedia of the Boer War

43. Boer Wars

44. Adventures of the Boers, the British and the Zulus

45. Battles of the Boer War

46. Winston Churchill and the Boer War

47. History of the Boers in South Africa

48. Influence of the Boer War

49. Why Boers Lost the War

50. Australians and the Boer War

51. Bibliographies of Leaders in the Boer War

52. Artillery in the Boer War

53. The Great Boer Trek

54. With the Boer Forces

55. History of the Great Trek

56. The Scramble for Africa

57. Imperialism and Post Colonialism

58. Wars of Imperial Conquest in Africa

59. Invasioning Africa

60. Rwanda and the New Scramble for Africa

61. East Africa's Tribal Imperial Armies

62. Imperialism and Resistance

63. The Dying Sahara

64. Beyond Neo-Coloniolism

65. The Legacy of Julius Nyerere

66. The Threat of Liberation

67. The Heroes of Empire

68. Germany's Imperial Campaign

69. The Anatomy of Neo-Colonialism in Kenya

70. From East India Company to Suez Canal

71. Race and Culture in Imperial Germany

72. Portuguese Expansion and Writing of Africa

73. Re-Inventing Africa

74. Imperialism and Post Colonialism

75. Encyclopedia of the Age of Imperialism

76. Christian Imperialism

77. The Partition of Africa

78. Imperialism in Africa

79. Ottoman Scramble for Africa

80. Imperialism

81. The Scramble for Africa

82. The Encyclopedia of Imperialism and Anti-Imperialism

83. European Invasion and Colonisation of Africa

84. The Last Stage of Imperialism

85. Vasco da Gama's Voyage

86. The First Voyage of Vasco Da Gama to India

87. Journal of the Voyage of Vasco da Gama to India

88. Vasco da Gama and the Sea Route to India

89. History of the Portuguese Empire

90.The Encyclopedia of African History

91. The Encyclopedia of African History and Culture

92. Encyclopedia of African American History

93. Encyclopedia of Antislavery and Abolition

94. Encyclopedia of African History and Culture

95. Rwanda Genocide

96. Post Genocide debates in Rwanda

97. Leave None to tell the Story

98. Eye Witness to a Genocide

99. We Wish to Inform you that we will be Killed with our Families

100. The Specter of Genocide

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