Books and Articles about Slavery

1. The Lost Boys

2. Experts on African Slave Trade

3. Central and East Africa

4. Ocean of Trade

5. From Capture to Sale

6. Story of the Atlantic Slave Trade

7. Slave Trading in South Atlantic

8. Way of Death

9. The Deepest South

10. The Trans-Saharan Trade

11. Lose Your Mother

12. Resisting Bondage

13. Slaves of One Master

14. British Slave Trade In Africa

15 .The Portuguese in West Africa

16. In the Shadow of Slavery

17. Secret Cures of Slaves

18. Pawnship, Slavery, and Colonialism in Africa

19. The Routeledge History of Slavery

20. The Indian Ocean

21. African Slavery in America

22. Africa and Africans in Making of the Atlantic World

23. The French Slave Trade in Africa

24. The Many-Headed Hydra

25. The Sociology of Black Africa

26. Narrating Africa

27. African Slave Trade

27. The Causes and Consequences of Africa's Slave Trade

28. Forced Labour In Colonial Africa

29. A Short History of Africa

30. Atlantic Africa

31. The Forgotten Diaspora

32. French Colonialism

33. Slavery and Social Death

34. Slavery and the Birth of an African City: Lagos

35. Slavery's Exiles

36. The Idea of Freedom

37. Out of Africa

38. Abolition of Slavery

39. West African Slavery and Atlantic Commerce

40. The End of Indian Ocean Trade

41. Inventing Africa

42. Africa and the Americas

43. King of the Caribbean Pirates

44. A History of South Africa

45. Historical Dictionary of the Unitex States of America

46. Africans and Britons

47. Atlantic Slave Trade

48. Africa's Development in a Historical Perspective

49. By the Rivers of Water

50. Surrendering the Savanna

51. Slave Trading and Slavery

52. Trade and Empire in the Atlantic

53. What Man's Country

54. Trafficking in Slavery's Wake

55. Racism

56. Black Rice

57. Diaspora in the Atlantic World

58. East India Company

59. Activating the Past

60. The Encyclopedia of Blacks

61. To Make Our World Anew

62. Captives and Voyagers

63. Black History and Empire

64. Indentured Labour in the Age of Imperialism

65. Humanitarian Imperialism

66. Remembering the Black Atlantic

67. Living Colour

68. How the North Promoted, Prolonged and Profited Slave Trade

69. Stolen Village

70. African-America

71. The Routeledge History of Western Empires

72. Becoming African in America

73. Rice

74. Captain Cupit's Boy

75. A Forgotten History

76. The Atlantic World

77. Gender, Trafficking, and Slavery

78. Domestic Relations and Matrimonial Strategies

79. The Story of the Last Black Cargo

80. The Atlantic Slave Trade from West Central Africa

81. Abolition of Slave Trade and its Aftermath

82. From Slave Trade to Empire

83. The Rise of Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade

84. From Africa to Brazil

85. The Fante and the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade

86. Slave Traders by Invitation

87. From Slave Trade to Legitimate Trade

88. Slave Voyages

89. From Africa to Jamaica

90.The Atlantic Slave Trade

91. Inheriting the Trade

92. The French Atlantic Triangle

93. Slave Trade to America

94. Africa and the 18th Century Slave Trade

95. African Society in an Atlantic World

96. Encyclopedia of African History and Culture

97. Cardinal Lavigerie and Slave Trade

98. Slave Trade, Legitimate Trade, and Imperialism

99. History of Trans-Saharan Africans

100. British Policy Towards Kenya

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