Flag of Algeria Algeria

; Angola">Flag of Angola

; Benin">Flag of Benin

; Botswana">Flag of Botswana

; Burkina Faso">Flag of Burkina Faso
 Burkina Faso

; Burundi">Flag of Burundi

; Cameroon">Flag of Cameroon

; Cape Verde">Flag of Cape Verde
 Cape Verde

; Central African Republic">Flag of Central African Republic
 Central African Republic

; Chad">Flag of Chad

; Comoros">Flag of Comoros

; color: #5a3696;" title="Republic of the Congo">Republic of the Congo
 Republic of the Congo

; color: #5a3696;" title="Democratic Republic of the Congo">Democratic Republic of the Congo
 Democratic Republic of the Congo

; Côte d'Ivoire">Flag of Côte d'Ivoire
 Côte d'Ivoire

; Djibouti">Flag of Djibouti

; Egypt">Flag of Egypt

; Equatorial Guinea">Flag of Equatorial Guinea
 Equatorial Guinea

; Eritrea">Flag of Eritrea

; Ethiopia">Flag of Ethiopia

; Gabon">Flag of Gabon

Ghana">Flag of Ghana

Guinea">Flag of Guinea

Guinea-Bissau">Flag of Guinea-Bissau

Kenya">Flag of Kenya

Lesotho">Flag of Lesotho

Liberia">Flag of Liberia

Libya">Flag of Libya

Madagascar">Flag of Madagascar

Malawi">Flag of Malawi

Mali">Flag of Mali

Mauritania">Flag of Mauritania

Mauritius">Flag of Mauritius

Flag of Mayotte Mayotte 

Morocco">Flag of Morocco

Mozambique">Flag of Mozambique

Namibia">Flag of Namibia

Niger">Flag of Niger

Nigeria">Flag of Nigeria

Flag of Réunion Réunion 

Rwanda">Flag of Rwanda

Flag of Saint Helena Saint Helena 

São Tomé and Príncipe">Flag of São Tomé and Príncipe
 São Tomé and Príncipe

Senegal">Flag of Senegal

Seychelles">Flag of Seychelles

Sierra Leone">Flag of Sierra Leone
 Sierra Leone

Somalia">Flag of Somalia

South Africa">Flag of South Africa
 South Africa

South South Sudan

Sudan">Flag of Sudan Sudan

Swaziland">Flag of Swaziland Eswatini

Tanzania">Flag of Tanzania

Togo">Flag of Togo

Tunisia">Flag of Tunisia

Uganda">Flag of Uganda

Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic Western Sahara

Zambia">Flag of Zambia

Flag of Zimbabwe Zimbabwe

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