How Fresh Teacher Harvested Millions from Selling Data!


Hi there, this is Mutumba Jesse Paul aka Fresh Teacher.
If you're reading this, you're probably a teacher since this article is mainly written to help teachers earn some money as side income during lockdown since schools are closed and most of them no longer depend on their salaries.

-Airtel simcard(s)
- Capital (30,000/= minimum but suitably 50,000/= and above)

-Dial *175*2*1*3#
-Choose a monthly data bundle.
- This is what Airtel offers;
1. 10,000/- for 1.5GB
2. 30,000/- for 9GB
3. 50,000/- for 20GB
4. 90,000/- for 25GB
5. 150,000/- for 65GB
6. 5,000/- for 500MBs

-The only data bundles which you can share with others are 9GB and 20GB
-Let's assume you have taken  option 3.
Here, Airtel gives you 20GB at 50,000shs so to get the buying price for each gigabyte of data from Airtel, divide 50,000 by 20 and the answer will be 2,500 meaning that you are buying 1GB monthly at 2,500shs.
-Airtel charges you a service fee of 250/= every time you send data to someone so you will add 250/= to 2,500/= and get 2,750/= which means that that is the grand buying price of each gigabyte of data from Airtel.
- Since it's buying and selling , you can now set your price. To know the profits you will be getting from each gigabyte of data, get the buying price (2,750/=) and subtract it from the selling price (e.g 4,000/= for 1GB) and the answer you will get will be the profit.

- Dial *175#
- Option 2 (Data bundles)
- Option 3 (Monthly bundles)
-Option 5 ( Data share)
- Option 2 ( Data Me2U) and then follow the rest of the instructions.

+ On data Me2U, you can send data to 3 people daily not 24hrs but just a day like Monday, Tuesday. You can only resend data at 1:00AM after you reach your daily limit of 4
three shares.
+ Minimum 50MBs and maximum 2,048MBs per transaction.
+ 1GB has 1024MBs, 1.5GB has 1536MBS and 2GB has 2,048MBs.
+ The more simcards you have, the largest amount of profits you get per day. 

NOTE: You can save more if you buy data at a cheaper price from Fresh Teacher instead of buying it direct from Airtel!

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