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Did you join the data selling business but failed to earn as much as you expected?¿? This article is specially written for you. 😉

If you want to get a lot of profits from selling data, I advise you to purchase 20GB; if not 9GB.
When you buy 20GB at 50,000/= from Airtel, it means that you will have bought each GB at 2,500/=. If you have not forgotten, you're charged a service fee of 250/= every time you send data to a person through data Me2U. This means that the total expenditure on every GB is 2,750/=.
Now you have to set your own price which will enable you to get profits. If you decide to sell 1GB at 3,000/=, it means that you will be earning a profit of 250/= on each give hence earning 5,000/= on every 20GB.

I sell 20GB at 40,000/= but there is an offer for the early birds. If you order for this data bundle before noon, you pay 35,000/=!
If you buy 20GB at 35,000/=, it means that each GB is bought at 1,750/=. If you add on the service cahrge of 250/=, it means that each GB will be at a cost of 2,000/=.
Imagine that you sell each GB at 3,000/=, it means that you will be getting a profit of 1,000/= per GB which means that 20GB will give you a profit of 20,000/=!

Remember that the more simcards you have, the more profits you get.

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