The Millionaire's Secret

Hey you! Yes you! You're a teacher, right? Probably yes! I am a teacher like you! πŸ˜‰

This article is specially written for teacher in the data reselling business as their side income. If you're new to this business and would like to join to, start your journey to becoming a millionaire by reading an article named The Successful Story of Fresh Teacher.

If you already ventured into the data reselling business, just sit back and relax because this article is specially written for you. It is an ultimate survival guide for you in this field! πŸ“œ

Who is a Millionaire? 
According to Wikipedia, a millionaire is an individual whose net worth is equal to or exceeds one million units of currency. This means that if you can earn one million shillings, you're fit to be referred to as a millionaire! πŸ€‘

Rome was not Built in One Day
If you've visited this page thinking that after reading the information here, you will start earning millions in just a single month, you're probably wrong! Accumulating profits enough to earn you a million in a month is a gradual process and takes some time. I'm sorry if that hurts!😒

Birds of a Feather Flock Together
If you are in this business thinking that all people in it are your sworn enemies, I am afraid you won't make it to the end! As the African Proverb goes, 'If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.', we all need to co-operate as partners in business; no man is an island! 🏝

A Penny Saved is a Penny Gained
If you are interested in becoming a millionaire but still take little money as no money, you're doomed! Remember that a million less by fifty shillings is not worthy to be called a million. Every coin counts!πŸ’°

Save More with Fresh Teacher
If you're already doing this business, you already know that Airtel charges you 250/= every time you send data to someone. You may see it as a small charge but if a simcard sends data to the three it sends to in a day, you'll spend 750/= which means that you will spend 23,250/= on a particular simcard. If your business grows and you use around 10 simcards a day, it means that you'll be spending 23,2500/= on each simcard monthly; which is approximately a quarter of a million! That is where Fresh Teacher kicks in to provide you with airtime at a cheaper price! 😁 

How to Buy Cheap Airtime
Fresh Teacher sells airtime at a 14% discount. To get the discount for a certain amount of airtime, you get that amount and multiply it by 14 and divide the answer by 100. The figure which you will get will be the total amount of money you will save when you buy airtime from Fresh Teacher.


Let's take an example that you need to buy airtime worth 50,000/=, you will get 50,000 and multiply it by 14 and get 700,000 as the answer. Then divide 700,000 by 100 and get 7,000 as the final answer. Therefore, the 14% discount of 50,000/= is 7,000/=, which means that you will have bought airtime of 50,000/= at as low as 43,000/=. So Fresh Teacher will send you airtime of 50,000/= but you will pay him 43,000/= only! 😎

NOTEYou can use this airtime to purchase data, voice bundles, and anything which Airtel charges airtime for for you to access!

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