The Successful Story of Fresh Teacher

 Behind every ordinary teacher during the COVID-19 pandemic is a sad story lamenting how lockdown affected them negatively and behind every creative teacher is an inspirational motivating story of how they managed to forge their way to survival.

Abrupt closure of schools sent panic into teachers since they  had little or no knowledge of how long it would last. Days after the closure of institutions, ordinary teachers were planning to strike so that the government re-opens schools while creative teachers were spending sleepless nights planning how they could make it without depending on their salaries.

As salary-minded ordinary teachers were busy scrambling and partitioning the billions which the government had given out to silence them, creative teachers were creating building blocks that would enable them earn millions during their stay away from school!

Most of the ordinary teachers simply sat back and relaxed and waited for the government to send them some relief aid. To your utter surprise, some of them ended their lives after waiting for the government's help in vain!

It is now over a year since schools were closed and some teachers for example those who teach infant classes have never stepped back in their classroom! How they have managed to is a question left to mystery but as the saying goes that 'Poverty is the Best Incentive to Creativity', each of them has fully utilised their survival instincts to live.

One of the businesses creative teachers have ventured into is the data reselling business, which when handled properly, can earn one thrice as much as one earns through salary! In fact this business, if carefully handled, can earn you a minimum of 100,000/= or millions in just one month!

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