Plan B

The Rise & Fall of Airtel Data Reselling
The Airtel Data Share Me2U System was introduced in the late 2018, used by a few in 2019, embraced by many in 2020 and crashed in 2021! Everything was going well not until the beginning of July 2021 when a notice of New Airtel Data Share Rules circulated around social media. Just a few days after this shock, Airtel wiped all the large data bundles (9GB, 20GB & 65GB) from people's phones! A couple of days after this tragedy, Airtel implemented its New Data Share Rules which made it next to impossible for the data reselling business to continue operating!

Plan B for Airtel Data Resellers
Truth be told, there is no future in the Airtel Data Reselling Business. The only Plan B which is available is venturing into the MTN Data Reselling Business!

Calculating Profits
MTN allows data share on weekly and monthly data bundles. The most profitable data bundle to use is 30GB. MTN allows you to share a maximum of 2GB in a day which means that if you send 2GB per day, it will take you a minimum of 15 days to deplete all the data. This literally means that data is reloaded on each simcard twice a month. Therefore, try you level best to hit the limit of 2GB per day else the data may expire!

MTN sells 30GB at 100,000/= so to get how much profits you get from each gigabyte of data, get the amount of money you will use to purchase the data (100,000) and divide it by the amount of data you'll buy (30). If you divide 100,000 by 30, you'll get a result of 3,333 which is the buying price for each gigabyte of data.

Let's take an example that you sell 1GB at 5,000/=. To calculate you profits, you'll subtract the buying price (3,333/=) from the selling price (5,000/=) and the result you'll get (1,667/=) will be your profit.

To calculate the total number of profits you get from 30GB, multiply the profits
got from each GB (1,667/=) by the total number of GBs.  The result will approximately be 50,000/=.

Daily Profits
To get your daily profit from each simcard, double the profits get from 1GB since the maximum amount of data in a day is 2GB. If you multiply 1,667 by 2, you'll get a result of 3,334. This is the profit each simcard will give you in  day.

Weekly Profits
We already saw that you'll get a profit of 50,000/= when the data gets depleted after the two weeks. This means that you'll divide 50,000 by 2 to get the profits earned each week. The result shows that you'll earn yourself a profit of 25,000/= per week.

Monthly Profits
As earlier stated, you earn a profit of 50,000/= when the data gets depleted after two months. Since a month has four weeks, you'll double the profits earned in a week to get the profits got in a month which will of course be 100,000/=