How to Create HA Tunnel Plus Configuration Files πŸš€

Hello there! This is Mutumba Jesse Paul aka Fresh Teacher. I've written this article to teach you how to create your own config files and earn some money by selling them to MTN users who need to connect to the Free Unlimited Internet.

Unlike other businesses which require you starting capital to run, learning how to create your own config files will earn you clean money without investing even a single coin! A config file costs between 5,000/= and 10,000/= according to the validity. Weekly files (2 weeks) can be sold at 5,000/= and monthly files at 10,000/=


First and foremost, you must first install the HA Tunnel Plus App from Google Playstore. Please check the screenshot below to see what the HA Tunnel Plus App looks like.


After installing the HA Tunnel App, open it and follow the steps as illustrated in the screenshots below.

  1. When you open the HA Tunnel Plus App, click on the dialog box titled CUSTOM SETUP.

2. After clicking on CUSTOM SETUP, click on the drop down dialog box on the left hand side of the rocket emoji.


3. From the drop down menu you will get, select the second last option named Custom SNI

 4. Thereafter, click on the three vertical dots on the top-most right hand side of the HA Tunnel Plus App.

 5. From the drop down menu you will get, select the first option named Import/Export

 6. From the next menu, select the last option named Export Config.

 7. On selecting the Export Config option, you will be taken to a new page which you will use to create your config file.

  • The first option of FILE NAME allows you to name your config file.

  •  The second option has a dialog box. When ticked, you can add a description message which will be displayed once the user imports your file into the app. You can use this box to add your contact information. 

  •  The third option of PROTEXTRAS has a lot of technical options but the easiest
    options to use are Set Expiry and Passwords fields. If you wish, you can tick those dialog boxes to set the password and expiry date.

 8.  When you're done setting up this page, click on the word EXPORT in order to save your config file. You will get a message showing you the directory where your created config file was saved.


 9. After the exportation of your config file, close the HA Tunnel Plus App and check for the folder named HA Tunnel Plus in your phone folders.

 10. Lastly, open the HA Tunnel Plus folder. Inside it, you will find the config file which you created.


This article teaches you how to simply create config files but these config files won't be able to connect to the Free Unlimited Internet. There are some missing settings needed for you to create a working config file which will be able to connect to the internet when you don't have any data on your MTN simcard.

Please contact 0750687790 or 0786812837 to get the missing settings to create a working config file. Thank You!